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Accordingly, Tvlien the  order  was  given for scaling the
walls of the fort of Udayagiri on all sides, Rangapati, who was
near the northern wall of the fort with his force, scaled it even
before the royal army  and hoisted  the Sag of five colours
which the Kayahad gh en him on the terrace of the gate with the
bell-metal doors. The Haya, on seeing the flag, made enquiries
about it, and discovered that it was planted by Rangapatiraju.
He was immensely delighted, and summoning Rangapati to his
presence, complimented him on the display of his bravery and
rewarded him adequately.    Krsnaraya captured the   fort, and
after winning victory over the Grajapati,   returned  to  Yijaya-
nagara where he continued to rule the kingdom from the throne
of the Narapatis.

ofCintakttnfa, L* R. 7, pp. 331 ff.

The Raya was engaged in a conversation with Appaji and
the other ministers.   Two spies who had been  wandering in
the dominions of the Grajapati returned from Cuttack.   They
told him that after visiting several places  in  the Gajapati
dominions including Rajamahendravaram and Cuttack, they
reached at last Jagannadham (Purusottamam) where the Gaja-
pati Mukunda Bahubalendra was staying.*   They gave an
account of the G-ajapatf s ablutions and his performance of daily
worship to the God Jagannatha, in the presence of the sthanafatis
of other kings, &., Anantoji Pantulu of Aghapura, Madhavayya
of Manasingu, Cennagirayya of Canduvara, Karunakarayya
of   Kataka,   Vobalayya   of   Warangal,   Dhakoji   Pant,   the
representative of the Sultan of Delhi, Bekoji Pant of Bedadakota,
GSpoji   Pant   of Cjolkon^a,   Ayyaparaju   of   Ahmadnagara,
Vframaraju of Vijayapura, Purandarayya of Puranapura  and
Tfc cottUmporary ani the enemy of Kr5nad5varSya. was not Mtikund*
Blhuba-ilfliira Gajapati but Prataparadra Gajapati. This mistake has teen repeated
a* ihc JTrfnarSfavt/ayam. Thtre was, of coarse, a Makunda Bafcubalfcidra who ruled ovr
; but he w* a ccntimporary of Ibrahim Qutb Shah, and lie did not ascemd ii
-i* ojitij. A, D. 1569.